Marcel is quick to answer and provides quality well built and healthy can corsos. I purchased a female a number of years ago and am breeding her now, she is healthy amazing companion along with her and all her puppies are outstanding in behavior and temperament. Marcel organizes his business very professionally and is dedicated to satisfying customers.

Tyler Harder

From the beginning, our interactions with Marcel of Bonito Cane Corso were pleasant, patient, client-focused, and information-based. Marcel invested time in building a relationship with our family (via phone and text) to understand the specific needs and interest to find the absolute best fit (temperament) in a puppy. His dedication to building a rapport demonstrates the care he puts into supporting the transition of his dogs and building positive and trustful relationships with clients. He was available to answer questions and offer guidance throughout the whole process and has continued to answer our questions regarding our new puppy.

In addition to the client-focused support, Bonito Cane Corso is a great example of a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable breeder. In all communication, it is evident that Marcel has dedicated time to be informed about the history, health, and best practices related to the breed. We connected with many other breeders and Bonito Cane Corso was by far the most knowledgeable and caring.

Prior to receiving the puppy, Marcel shared updates and even began using the puppy’s new name (how amazing is that!) Transportation of the puppy was well organized and clear. Our puppy arrived and has been everything and more than we asked for and as described by Marcel. Marcel has checked in on not only the well-being of the puppy but also on our family – to see if there is anything further that he can offer in support of the transition. If any one is considering getting a cane corso, this experience and puppy has been the highest quality we have encountered. If you are looking for quality and service – and a show-quality dog – highly recommend Bonito Cane Corso. After a year of looking and researching, we found the perfect fit.

A. Sokol Como

Marcel is truly an amazing human being!

The professionalism, attention to detail he provides, the quality he produces and his customer service is exceptional.

He took the time to send me multiple videos of ALL his available puppies and didn’t get frustrated or short with the amount of times we asked for something.

He always answered his phone with any inquiry we had.

The puppy we chose was well groomed, with a beautiful soft coat and trimmed nails.

He provided us with a puppy package that is SO WORTH it as it sets you up for everything your pup needs to transition happily to your home.

We feel confident in raising our Corso all thanks to Marcels consistency and support through this journey.

Thank you Bonito Cane Corso for blessing us with our newest family member

Tatiana Manicone

From the moment I began my journey with Bonito Cane Corso, I was met with an unparalleled level of professionalism and support. Marcel Bonito, the breeder, was a standout throughout the entire process. His courteous approach made me feel incredibly comfortable and confident in my decision to bring a new family member into my home.

Marcel’s extensive knowledge and passion for Cane Corsos were evident in every interaction. He was always available to answer any questions and provided invaluable guidance on how to care for my new puppy. His dedication to his dogs’ health and well-being was truly admirable, ensuring that each puppy, including mine, was nurtured in a loving, healthy environment.

What stood out most was Marcel’s supportive nature. He went above and beyond to ensure that the adoption process was smooth and stress-free. He provided regular updates and photos of the puppy, which was a delightful touch that kept me connected and excited.

Now, having my Cane Corso at home, I can’t express enough how much joy and love this furry addition has brought into my life. The puppy is healthy, well-adjusted, and a testament to the exceptional breeding and care provided by Marcel and Bonito Cane Corso.

In summary, my experience with Marcel Bonito and Bonito Cane Corso was outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a responsible, caring, and professional breeder. The love and happiness my new puppy has brought to my home are immeasurable, and for that, I am forever grateful to Marcel and his team.

Summer Brooker

Exceptional Experience with Bonito Cane Corsos!

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a Cane Corso puppy from Marcel Bonito at Bonito Cane Corsos, and it was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I reached out to Marcel, his professionalism and dedication to his dogs were evident.

Marcel invited me to his home, allowing me to meet both the sire and dam, as well as the entire litter. This visit was crucial in forming a special bond with my new puppy, who Marcel informed me was available. He even offered to arrange transportation for the puppy, which was a great convenience, though I opted to pick up my new companion personally.

The highlight of this experience was the thoughtful and personalized welcome package Marcel prepared. It included a beautifully wrapped box, opening into smaller boxes filled with photos and mementoes of my puppy, and a handmade Christmas ornament of his paw. Such attention to detail and care in creating a memorable experience for both the puppy and the owner is truly commendable.

Communication with Marcel was seamless. He was always prompt in responding to my queries and generously shared photos and videos of my puppy, keeping me updated before the final pick-up.

The professionalism of Marcel extended to the health and wellness of the puppy. He provided complete vet and vaccination records, along with a pet passport, ensuring that my puppy was healthy and well-cared for.

Now at home, my puppy is a bundle of joy. He has a gorgeous coat, and his temperament is perfect – sweet, cuddly, affectionate, and with a playful, curious personality. He’s already a big part of my life with his unique and lovable character.

I highly recommend Bonito Cane Corsos to anyone looking for a responsible, caring, and professional breeder. Marcel Bonito has not only provided me with a beautiful puppy but also an exceptional buying experience that I will always cherish. Thank you, Marcel, for bringing such joy into my life with this amazing little pup!

Tessa Rose

My personal experience with Bonito Cane Corsos was nothing short of amazing!

Marcel is doing such a great job breeding these incredible dogs!

I contacted Marcel and he was absolutely professional, kind and welcoming.

Whatever question I had he answered professionally and quickly!

To see a breeder care so much about the Cane corso breed and go the extra mile to ensure these dogs are nothing but the best quality was incredible to witness.

He made the puppy process amazing by updating pictures and staying in touch every step of the way.

Pick-up was a breeze as the puppies came with a carrier for the ride home.

Marcel also included dog bowls, a huge bag of dog food, treats, toys, baby blanket, a collar and a leash.

My boy is five months to date and he is absolutely stunning!

Size, structure, and health are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy I went with Ontario puppy breeders!

Please if you are thinking about owning one of these beautiful dogs give Marcel a call you will not be disappointed!

Brian Moore

We purchased a female Cane Corso puppy from Bonito Cane Corso.

We already had 2 other dogs at home and we were concerned about a large dog transitioning into the family dynamics.

Everything went and is going very smoothly, the puppy has a great temperament and has learned very quickly.

Marcel has been available 24/7 to answer our(very many questions) which has been fabulous.

He’s a Breeder who cares it shows in the quality of his availability and the quality of the puppies.

Sue Bonhomme

If you are looking for a quality breeder who not only cares about his dogs but also finds them the right home then look no further. Marcel is bar none.

Gilbert Ainsley

Marcel is professional, replies quickly to messages, and is open to ANY questions you have regarding the litter/ pup you are interested in; he even includes the individual traits of each puppy in the ad.

I found this kind of service nowhere else.

Bianca Russo

Marcel has an excellent understanding of his breeds and this is obvious through conversation.

The quality of the dogs he breeds is also great.

I would definitely recommend Marcel to those interested in a great experience In acquiring the puppy they want.

Gonzalo Alvarado