About M.B. Puppy Breeders

M.B puppy breeders was founded by Marcello Bonito in 2017. The introduction to this breed was a unique story I’d like to share. I’ve owned dogs my entire life. I was raised on a 25 acre farm where we bred German shepherds as a hobby.

Eventually I moved out on my own and started breeding the Belgian Malinois and Rottweilers as a hobby. During that time I had a friend of mine that was leaving the country with his young son…but couldn’t take his sons dog with him. Unfortunately the son was really attached to the dog. I offered to take the dog from them and I promised his son i would love him unconditionally. Eventually my best friend and his son got settled and were in a much better position. I bred his dog and shipped them a puppy that was the offspring from his original dog. They now have a gorgeous male pup that looks exactly like the original one.

I haven’t looked back since that experience and now with a keen interest in breeding, my skills, knowledge, coupled with experience and love has allowed M.B puppy breeders to flourish into what it is now.

As a passionate breeder …I am a member of the CKC, AKC, CFC and ICCF. We health test all our dogs before being adopted into our program. We focus on the betterment of the breed, correctness and temperament.

M.B Puppy Breeders offers top quality and outstanding puppies, young adults and prospective champions. Whether you are looking for a family dog, young show prospect or a proven adult. M.B. Puppy Breeders have what you are looking for.