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Ready to go home November 10, 2023

Exceptional Cane Corso Puppies from Bonito – Ready for Their New Homes November 10th, 2023

New Litter Alert! Born on September 15, 2023 these remarkable Cane Corso puppies are now ready to find their forever homes. As of November 10th, these bundles of joy can be yours!

Why Choose Bonito Cane Corso?

  • Expert Breeding: As esteemed members of CKC, IFCC, AKC, CFC, we uphold the highest standards.
  • Ethical Practices: Our focus on health, temperament, and lineage honors the Cane Corso’s noble heritage.
  • Personalized Experience: Visit YouTube channel for exclusive photos and videos of each puppy.

Immediate Queries? For a swift response, appointments, or additional videos, reach out at or call/text 289.921.9759.

Why Our Puppies Stand Out:

  • Raised with Care: On a 70-acre farm, our puppies are well-socialized with various environments, animals, and sounds.
  • Early Training: Basic obedience and crate training start from a young age, ensuring well-mannered pups.
  • Health Assurance: Comprehensive health tests, including hip and elbow checks, guarantee robust puppies.
  • Lifetime Support: From 30 days of Trupanion pet insurance to enrollment in Baxter & Bella Online Puppy Training School, we’re dedicated to your journey with your new companion.

Available Now:

  • Puppies to Adults: Select from puppies, young adults, or adult dogs.
  • Full Puppy Package: For an additional $200, get a comprehensive starter kit including a crate, collar, leash, bowls, blanket, toy, and a 40-pound bag of premium dog food.

Registration and Health:

  • AKC, CKC, CFC Registered Parents and Puppies
  • Complete Veterinary Check-up: Including vaccinations and deworming.
  • Optional Ear Cropping
  • Microchipping for Safety

Parents Showcase:

  • Bolt (Sire): A calm, confident 138-pound male with excellent protective instincts.
  • Vixen (Dam): A gentle, affectionate 110-pound blonde brindle, known for her eagerness to please.

Easy Transportation: We arrange global shipping (charges apply).

Discover Your Legacy with Bonito Cane Corso: Not just pets, but a part of your family and history. Connect with us today to meet your new loyal and majestic companion.


Bolt is our main stud dog,he was imported from the USA.


At 138 pounds he’s a very large-boned male. He’s confident, active, very stable, and great with animals and kids. 



Vixen was imported from the USA 3 years ago. She’s a blonde brindle.

Approximately 110 pounds. She’s very sweet, extremely affectionate, and always wanting to please. She produces pups that are extremely gentle and sweet.